CTSJF 中華台北體育運動記者協會

Chinese Taipei Sports Journalist Federation (CTSJF)

Media plays an important role in the promotion of international sports affairs. Since the return to international sports society from 1983, Taiwan has fared well with outstanding results, and media has been an important part of the achievement.

In order to actively participate in international sports affairs, and to strengthen the exchange of local sports media personnel and international colleagues, Chinese Taipei Sports Journalist Federation was established in 2010 under the leadership of senior sports journalist and inaugural Madam President Ming-Chu Chien. Members of the Federation are composed by sports journalists of major media outlets from all over Taiwan as CTSJF became the first sports journalists-oriented organization in Taiwan.

Under the leadership of President Chien, CTSJF successfully became a member of AIPS and has maintained close relationship with AIPS ASIA. During the past ten years since its establishment, CTSJF has contributed to the exchange of domestic and international sports journalists and the promotion of international sporting events.

In addition to it, CTSJF is also devoted in developing local young sports reporters in hoping to contribute to international sports community while energizing sports media in Taiwan with international perspective. There are missions ahead for CTSJF to fulfill as a member of a big AIPS family. CTSJF is continuing its effort in participating and promoting both international and domestic sporting events and affairs to ensure the constant contribution from Taiwan sports media to both domestic and international stages.

Shean-Yow Hwang, President of CTSJF
黃顯祐 / 中華台北體育運動記者協會理事長
Through the stories and exchanges of women in the sports world, let us pay tribute to these industry-conscious workers.

“Asian Women in Sports” Media Platform Team


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