Women In Sports

“Women in Sports” is the new media platform recognized by AIPS ASIA and is devoted to promoting gender equality in sports by presenting outstanding performances and recognizing solid contribution from female sports participants in Asia. This platform will focus not only the on-field achievement by female athletes but efforts, contributions and impacts from female coaches, referees, journalists, photographers, event staff, volunteers, behind-the-scene personnel and more. This platform is led by the team organized by AIPS ASIA Executive Board Member Hailun Chi, CTSJF, with the support of Chinese Taipei Sports Journalist Federation. By utilizing various media outlets such as print publication, website, social media such as Facebook etc., this platform is look forward to contributing in advocating gender equality in sports and broadening impact from female sports participants.
“Women in Sports” 媒體平台是由AIPS ASIA ( 亞洲體育記者協會 ) 所認可,透過報導 亞洲運動產業裡擁有傑出表現,以及卓越貢 獻的女性從業人員,致力於倡議運動性別平 權。本平台不只著眼於女性運動員在競技場 上的表現,同時注重女性教練、裁判、記者、 攝影、賽事主辦人員、志工以及幕後工作人 員對產業所做出的貢獻與影響力。 本平台是在獲得中華台北體育記者協會的支 持下,由亞洲體育記者協會執委戚海倫領導 團隊。透過各種不同的媒體平台例如印刷品、 網站、社群媒體等,本平台期許在倡議運動 性別平權作出貢獻,並加深女性運動從業人 員在產業上的影響力。

Helen Chi,
Project Leader, Women In Sports
戚海倫 /《女性在體壇》計畫發起人

Through dialogues, sharing, and understanding, equality is within reach.

The W Logo Design Concept

The concept of the design originates from the lioness who is responsible of hunting in the pride. The design symbolizes the firm look of the lioness focusing on the prey. The characters of A and W each represents “Asia” and “Women” while the “classic blue” is adapted as the color-of-the-year in 2020 by Pantone, breaking the traditionally established impression of feminine pink.



Herosport (Taipei) Creative Director (2019-) 

Anta (Xiamen) High Level 3 Sneaker Designer (2018-2019) 

Xiaomi (Beijing / Guangdong) Footwear Designer (2017-2018)

Plugin B&V (Taipei) Visual/Product Designer


Pensole World Sneaker Championship (Winner of Functional Apparel Design)

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